FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What exactly does RateMe.link do?

RateMe.link gathers feedback from your customers and leads more of your happy customers to write online reviews. Also, it detects dissatisfied customers and lets you fix it - before bad reviews happen.
RateMe.link gives businesses their own 5-star customer review page, accessible with a short link - the RateMe.link. That way, whenever you want to ask for feedback or a review, you send or give your customer this link. The link will take the customer to a zero-friction, quick, and user-friendly rating page. And with just one click, customers can submit their ratings.

In a well-thought-out rating process, you win more reviews from your satisfied customers by enabling them to post to the review platforms you’ve specified easily. Any open review site works - Google Business, Yelp, Facebook, TrustPilot, or industry-specific - you name it.

If the rating process finds an unhappy customer, you’ll get immediate private feedback with their comments. That way, you’ll always get a chance to fix poor experiences before bad reviews happen.

In short terms: your RateMe.link provides an easy way for your customers to give feedback and leave reviews on any open review platform. You’ll also always learn first about problems so you can fix negative experiences before bad reviews happen.

Why not simply ask customers to write a review on Google or another review platform?

There are three significant problems with this approach.

  1. You miss the chance to get feedback from the customer first. Now that’s not a problem for happy customers. But when an open review platform is the first place an unsatisfied customer finds to vent their anger on, that’s unfortunate.
  2. You give up control over how, where, and when customers talk about you. If you send them to Google or another review platform, now your customer is their user. You move the conversation over to them, leading to you discussing all your matters in front of a public audience, leaving you with only the communication channels these sites provide. In short: you’ll put yourself entirely at the mercy of these giants.
  3. Many of these sites make it either too easy or too hard to leave reviews. When it’s too easy, the quality of reviews tends to be low, just a couple of stars and a one-liner, if you’re lucky. When it’s too hard, many customers don’t leave reviews at all. That’s just a normal reaction: to run away when confronted with something intimidating, like a massive form to fill out. That’s why it’s better to build up some commitment and behavioral consistency first.

Remember this: the review platforms are interested in their business, not yours. To them, any review, good or bad, means more data, more power, more leverage. You and your business are merely a “place” to them. That’s why you must always strive to own as much of the customer conversation as you can.

Will the customer feedback be posted on all the review platforms I specify?

We make it easy to let the customer leave you reviews, but it has to be done by them.
There’s no technically and ethically feasible way to “auto-post” reviews to all the review platforms in the name of a customer. The review platforms would see this as spam and therefore use sophisticated measures to prevent that from happening.

And here’s another, more important, reason not to have the same reviews on all the sites:
It would just look suspicious and unnatural for potential customers if all review platforms had the exact same reviews about you. So this would not precisely promote trust and hurt your reputation instead.

However, with RateMe.link, you can control the choice and order of review platforms to display.

Can I buy positive reviews from you?

No. We also strongly advise against buying reviews, no matter what the providers promise (“...real genuine reviews...”).

Almost all review platforms sanction fake reviews that are not from your actual customers. If you buy reviews, you risk losing your review profiles entirely or being rated untrustworthy.

It might be tempting to boost your status with bought reviews quickly. But online platforms know all the patterns of fake reviews and are constantly learning. As a result, you are in constant danger of losing all reviews and even being excluded from the review platform altogether with purchased reviews.

With RateMe.link instead, you permanently and constantly receive genuine online reviews from your actual customers because of an easy and user-friendly rating process.

Can RateMe.link prevent negative reviews?

When you consistently use RateMe.link to attract reviews, you’ll experience a significant increase in positive reviews. That way, even an occasional review from a dissatisfied user no longer has a disproportionate impact on your review profile.

By actively using your RateMe.link, our segmentation and satisfaction detection mechanisms ensure that you first learn about all customer opinions before reviews appear on review portals.

Additionally, with the help of RateMe.link, you achieve a much higher level of engagement from your happy customers. They would otherwise not share their positive experience - in other words: you get many more positive reviews.

Why use RateMe.link instead of X?

Simplicity & ease of use: we try to do only one job but do it exceptionally well. That’s a reason why we’ve designed everything in RateMe.link so that anyone can use it. No distractions from the main goal: getting more reviews from happy customers. That doesn’t mean we’re behind on technology; on the contrary! But we will always favor the practical, significant over the nice and shiny.
Availability: RateMe.link works for the broadest range of businesses and institutions, even if they don’t have a website. Whether you operate from one location or run a nationwide chain, whether you have a website or not - as long as your business (or practice, clinic...) wants to collect feedback and get online reviews from happy customers, it works.
Cost: you’ll find that RateMe.link costs less in a year than most others charge per month. We try to avoid all expenses that do not directly benefit you or the service and keep everything streamlined and lean.

Does RateMe.link work for my business?

Yes - it very likely does.

RateMe.link works for all businesses that can be publicly rated or reviewed online. You don’t even need a website - so it works especially great for local companies with a “walk-in” audience.

I don’t have a website. Can I still use RateMe.link?

Yes, absolutely. We’ve built RateMe.link to enable any business to get more reviews from happy customers, regardless if they have a website or not.
So, no, you don’t need a website because your RateMe.link works entirely independently. The only thing you’ll need is at least one profile on a review platform, such as Google, Trustpilot, etc., to generate more and better reviews.

Do I need to change anything on my website?

No. You don’t need to make any changes to your website. We fully host your RateMe.link. It works independently from your website.

Do I have to give you my customers’ data?

No. We don’t need any of your customers’ data, not even an email address. So you keep complete control over when and who you give your RateMe.link. On the other hand, we will make all data available in your dashboard that your customers share during the rating process.

Are there industries or business models that won’t work with RateMe.link?

RateMe.link cannot easily send your customers into closed systems, like an app store or a vendor-controlled booking system. We can collect feedback, but there will be no redirection into the review process of a closed system.

Therefore, we strongly encourage you to collect as many reviews as possible on independent review platforms and build a good reputation. This way, you prevent being locked in, reduce your dependencies, and don’t leave all control to a closed rating system alone.

Pricing / Billing

Can I try RateMe.link before paying for it?

Yes, absolutely. You can sign up for our free trial - no credit card required, all features unlocked.

How is the price calculated?

The price is based solely on the number of links you set up. There’s no limit on how many customers you can invite or how many reviews you can get. If you have one office or location, then you only need one link.

Only if you operate several locations, offices, or branches that need independent reviews, you’ll need the corresponding number of links.

How do you handle taxes and VAT?

Our offer is aimed exclusively at businesses. Therefore all prices are stated exclusive of VAT. No VAT applies to customers in non-EU countries and EU customers with a valid VAT ID. For German customers and EU customers with no valid VAT ID, we add and display applicable VAT in the checkout process. Apart from when VAT applies, we do not add any additional taxes.