About RateMe.link

We help you continuously get more and better online reviews

Online reviews make the difference between the success and failure of your business. But the power of a few major review portals can be intimidating, and perhaps you've felt helpless against that power. Until now.

Who we are


We are a small family business around our founder, Steffen Schneider, an internet entrepreneur of over 25 years.

We invented RateMe.link to give you back the power over the online reviews for your business.

Whether your business is on the web or "offline": You no longer have to leave it up to chance and the discretion of a few big review portals when, how, and where online reviews about you appear!

Now you take control of which review portals your satisfied customers leave their reviews on.

RateMe.link is your own unique, individual star rating page, ready to use in minutes.

RateMe.link additionally gives you the chance to improve negative customer experiences before impulse-driven nasty comments appear publicly.

So you can confidently ask every customer for a review.

Happy to help!